Top Fitness Apps For Busy People

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You’re addicted to your smartphone. It never leaves your side.

You probably even suffer from phantom ring syndrome. Me too. But it’s okay.

Because now we can put our iAddiction to good use. Let your phone help make fitness easier.

There are tons of amazing apps that track your sleep, graph your progress, and even bribe you to perform better. Here are the best apps for staying fit – even if you only have 10 minutes a day.


Best fitness community: Cody

Cody1_Factor75          Cody2_Factor75

Cody has one of the most active and supportive fitness communities online. Share and discover video workouts, find communities members who share your fitness interests, and receive motivational comments on workouts you post.

Cody also tracks your progress on a timeline of record-breaking moments and valuable stats. Never lose motivation again!

Best for visualizing progress: Fitness Fast

Fitness_Fast1_Factor75           Fitness_Fast2_Factor75

Choose a preloaded workout or quickly drag and drop exercises into custom workout to target specific muscles. The session timer and rep counter keeps you on track, and keeps your workouts efficient with optimal rep recommendations customized for your body.

Snap a photo which syncs to the calendar, and see your progress over time. Elegant, detailed graphs use reps, sets, inches, weight, calories, sleep patterns and BMI to chart your progress automatically.

Best for beginners: Couch-to-5K

Couchto5k_Factor75           Couchto5k2_Factor75

This virtual coach will get your ass off the couch fast. Organized in gently increasing increments of 30-minute workouts, you’ll go from zero to 3.1 miles in nine weeks.

The in-app voice commands help you through intervals of jogging and running, and your phone’s GPS tracks your route. Its intuitive interface and motivational reminders make this app a sure-fire way to set a goal and stick to it.

Best for preventing excuses: Pact


Put your money where your gym bag is. Do you like a good wager? How about an app where you bet on your own workout commitment? Make a weekly wager and if you meet your goal, you get paid!

If you don’t, well, you lose money. The app says, “Pact’s proven incentives have helped our members hit over 92 percent of their goals, to the tune of over 5 million healthy activities.” The days of being paid to work out have finally come.

Best for earning free sh*t: EveryMove

EveryMove_Factor75          EveryMove2_Factor75

If you’re already tracking your workout on your phone, why not earn earn discounts on your favorite brands at the same time? EveryMove syncs with the fitness apps you already have on your phone (it’s compatible with over 50 apps like FitBit, RunKeeper, and Nike+ among others).

As it tracks your workouts you’ll rack up points, earning you rewards from retailers and services that value your healthy lifestyle. It’s like SkyMiles for the gym. Cha-ching.

The best all-in-one: Argus

Argus_Factor75          Argus2_Factor75

Argus tracks errrrthing. Seriously. Argus turns your iPhone into a total health and fitness monitor, automatically tracking all activities, food, workouts, sleep, hydration, weight and vitals.

It then synthesizes all the data into detailed graphs, charting bio-feedback to improve overall well-being. It can reveal sleep patterns and health trends you may not have noticed. Even with its intuitive interface and 24/7 tracking, it’s still light on battery usage.

Best quick no-gym workout: Gain Fitness

Gain1_factor_75          Gain2_Factor75

This app is your pocket-sized personal trainer. Enter your fitness goals and, boom, you’ll get customized workout routines to realize them.

Loaded with over 1,300 exercises and HD motion images, the app guides you through the workout with audio cues and explanations (so you don’t have to stare at the screen the whole time). Generate a 10-minute workout on the go, a 35-minute routine for your home, and a 60-minute sesh for the gym.

Only have a resistance band on hand? Enter in your equipment and it will customize a routine based on what you have available. Check out this review from PCMag – they love it too.

Best ready-when-you-are training buddy: Ghost Race Pro


Screen shot courtesy of Lifeproof

Ghost Race Pro is your instant running or biking partner so you can push yourself even when you’re solo. Pick a route, then race your friends, other users, or even your ghost-self with real-time GPS tracking on an interactive map.

Audio queues tell you if you’re ahead or falling behind the competition. We love the challenge to beat our personal best every run. You’ll get faster each workout!

We’re also keeping our eye on this Portland start-up that is creating a similar app for Google Glass where you can actually see your ghost on the track in front of you. Trippy. And awesome.


What are your favorites? Let us know about your top fitness app in the comments below!

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