Top Health & Fitness Articles from 2019

From macronutrients to matcha, we’ve covered a wide-range of buzz-worthy health and fitness topics on the Factor blog in 2019. To help you prosper in 2020, we’re putting a spotlight on our top health and fitness articles from last year.

Explore the list of our top health and fitness content below for help hitting your goals in 2020 and beyond!

Most Read Article (All Topics)

10 Calorie-Torching Outdoor Activities to Try this Spring

10 calorie-burning outdoor activities

While it’s not yet Spring, our most-read article of 2019 has plenty of outdoor activities that you can try in the cold of winter, and even more for anyone in warmer climates. It also provides a calories-per-hour breakdown for each activity for those of you tracking your movement as part of your New Year’s resolution! For example, you can burn up to 1066 calories per hour playing a game of handball – the most on the list!

Most Read Keto Article

What are the Best Low-Carb Snacks for the Keto Diet?

Those who have tried the ketogenic diet know, keeping your carb consumption to a minimum can be challenging. One great way to combat carb-cravings is to keep low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) snacks on hand. This article breaks down some of the top keto-friendly snacks (e.g., Brazil nuts) based on their fat-to-carb ratios. If you’re currently following or preparing to go keto in 2020, this article is a must-read!

Most Read Fitness Article

6 Tips to Help You Build a Summer Six-Pack

So, you say you want a six-pack in 2020? Kudos for setting an ambitious goal. But to reach this holy grail of fitness accomplishments, you’ll need to bring your A-game to the gym and the kitchen. Fortunately, we compiled a list of six science-backed tips that will help you on your journey. Give it a read for help sculpting a set of washboard abs in time for summer.

Most Read Beginner’s Guide

Intermittent Fasting 101: The Complete Beginner’s Blueprint

Like many of the article topics on this list, Intermittent Fasting (IF) garnered more mainstream coverage than ever before in 2019. With interest booming, people started to wonder exactly how to safely and effectively work IF into their lifestyle. Truth be told, there wasn’t one answer. But, options are a good thing, right? Fortunately, we covered them all in this comprehensive guide written by the Factor Dietitian Team! From the different cadences to the health benefits, check out this article to learn everything you need to know about IF!

Most Read Wellness Report

October 2019 Edition

With new health and fitness studies and stories coming through the news cycle faster than ever, it’s hard to know which of them are most important. The Wellness Report is a monthly article series written by the Factor Dietitian Team that recaps the top health and fitness studies and stories, so you can separate the fluff from the facts. The October edition was our most popular edition in 2019. It covers new research on fasting, FODMAP diets and more!

Most Shared Article

Top 10 Foods to Help Fight Inflammation

Top 10 Foods to Help Fight Inflammation-Blueberries
Of all the buzzwords to hit the health and wellness scene in 2019, inflammation may be at the top of the list. But despite the hype, many people still don’t fully understand what inflammation is and how to address it through proper diet. This article gives a dietitian-guided explanation of what inflammation is and what foods you can eat to help combat it. It also received more social shares than any other Factor article in 2019!

Editor’s Pick

5 Reasons All Athletes Should Do Yoga

5 Reasons All Athletes Should Do Yoga
Despite yoga’s many well-known health and fitness benefits, yoga studios aren’t commonly thought to be a place where athletes go to hone their skills. However, elite athletes continue to turn to this ancient Far East practice more and more for its performance-enhancing benefits. From balance and flexibility to core strength, this article covers the benefits of yoga for athletic performance.

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