Top 10 Productivity Hacks

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Stop searching for parking spots, arguing over dinner plans, and filling out online dating profiles. Here’s our round-up of time-saving services that’ll make your day hum with efficiency.

These are our favorite productivity hacks:

1. Forget hailing a taxi. Find the closest ride.


Ever tried flagging a taxi outside Wrigley Field? Yeah, bring a lawn chair. Order a ride with Uber or Lyft instead. Track your car’s location, pay automatically with the app, and even give them a rating after the trip is complete.


2. Never pick up your own dry cleaning.


TaskRabbit allows you to outsource your to-do list. Hire someone to walk your dog, fix your sink, or pick up your dry cleaning. This is efficiency at its finest. Time is money, yo.


3. Skip the desert island crap. Make an instant online dating profile.

Tired of grasping for answers to “What is your greatest achievement?” or “Three things you’d need on a desert island?” Tinder lifts info from your Facebook profile to create a quick-and-dirty account. It has only the essentials: age, sex, location, and selfies. According to GQ and Ask Men, results are mixed; but in terms of time economy, it can’t be beat.


4. Find a parking spot.

Is that you in the Corolla circling the block? Download SpotHero and reserve your parking spot in advance. View rates at different garages near your desired address.


5. Double rolls delivered.

That barrel of Costco paper towels hardly fits in your trunk. Get your household items, groceries, and produce delivered in one hour with Instacart. With built-in coupons? Hollah.


6. Train faster for your triathlon.

Think you’re going to improve your triathlon swim by splashing around at the YMCA? Join the Crush MultiSport Team. You’ll have structure, coaching, and fackin sexy teammates. You’ll be butterflying like Phelps in no time.


7. Hire a local courier.

Need a latte and an aspirin? A burrito and a phone charger? This courier service is going to blow your mind. Postmates promises to deliver anything from any restaurant or store in the city in under an hour!


8. Win the email battle.

Need to clean out your inbox? “The Email Game” puts you on the clock: five seconds to decide if you’re going to reply, forward, or delete, then three minutes to write a response. The more efficiently you move through your inbox, the more points you earn. You’ll have your “unread” count back to zero in no time!


9. Find those hard-to-find ingredients.

Don’t spend all afternoon scouring specialty shops for sweet Hungarian paprika. Find fresh local produce and hard-to-find organic ingredients from local artisans like Anthem Organics and Big Fork at the online marketplace Artizone.


10. Have power lunch delivered to the office.

healthy meals delivered factor 75

Digesting a heavy hamburger will kill your afternoon productivity. Eat a power lunch that will sharpen focus and boost energy…like anything on the Factor menu, for instance. Healthy eating, delivered. </shameless plug>


What’s missing on our list? What are your favorite hacks for increasing productivity?

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