Top 6 Winter Workout Tips


The car is buried in snow. The kids are sniffling. The heating bill is astronomical. You’re tempted to make like a Malayan Sun Bear: eat your weight in fish, then sleep ’til June. But don’t despair! There are so many reasons to stay out of hibernation.

Not only do you burn more calories in the winter, but a good winter workout strengthen your heart, increase blood flow, and improve stamina. Keep motivation up as the mercury drops with these winter health and workout tips:

Warm up properly

Warming up your muscles is essential in the winter. Try this excellent full-body warmup with Lance Armstrong’s strength trainer:

Wear the right stuff

Lori from the Boot Camp Challenge team gives you the basics of winter weather layering. Plus, she’s hilarious.

Go to the park with Fitappy

Martial artist and fitness enthusiast, Fitappy, works out in the Chicago snow. Check out this high-intensity routine that is guaranteed to warm you up no matter how many inches of snow are on the ground:

Train for that ski vacation

Don’t waste your vacation being sore and tired at the lodge – get conditioned for the slopes! Prep for your alpine weekend with this targeted conditioning for your ski legs:

Use snow for resistance training

Like running on a sandy beach…only colder. Snow adds resistance to every movement – if you’re brave enough. Get a load of the Micaela Fitness routine in knee-deep snow.

Feeling unmotivated?

Buck up winter warrior, at least you’re not submerged in an ice lake. Or living in an ice tank.

Still not convinced?

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