The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Energy

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What if I told you that more fat, less sleep, and shorter workouts were the keys to getting more energy?

Sounds like a fitness fantasy? Nope, it’s science.

Stop wasting time on too much cardio and low-calorie food. We’ve compiled our best articles on optimizing your life for higher energy, focus, and happiness.

Make these simple changes and have more energy right now!

Stop deciding so much

Willpower isn’t a character trait, it’s a resource. The fewer choices you make, the more decision-power you have on reserve.

That means that you’ll be less likely to give in to take-out or skip the gym. Decision fatigue puts your willpower budget in the red. Instead, learn how to conserve brain bandwidth so you can withstand temptation and follow through on your fitness and nutrition goals.

Stop depleting your reserves with routine decisions – which lead us to the next step…

Limit menial tasks

Delegate the stuff that overloads your schedule. Use apps like TaskRabbit to pick up your dry cleaning, or Instacart to deliver your groceries, (and Factor to cook dinner, duh).

They’re affordable, convenient, and they free you up to do the things that matter the most. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to start outsourcing like a boss.


Cut down your sugar


Sugar gives you a rush of energy as well as feel-good hormones, followed by a sugar crash.

This causes you to crave more sugar to bring you back up, triggering a cycle of highs and lows that exhausts your adrenal system, releases high amounts of cortisol (the stress hormone), and makes you feel moody and anxious.

Stop draining your energy with the vicious sugar cycle – and switch to sweeteners that don’t cause a crash.

You’re running too much

Running burns tons of calories, demands lots of fuel, and gobbles the protein and amino acid resources your body needs to build bulky muscle.

This is not a bad thing if you want a sexy, lean runner’s body. But if you’re trying to bulk up, stop distance running. 

The more intense your workout, the longer the afterburn will last. Check out these high-efficiency workouts that burn the greatest amount of calories in the shortest time period.

Sleep smarter, not longer

During the night your body rolls through multiple 90-minute sleep cycles. If you wake up between rotations, you’ll feel more rested than if you interrupted sleep mid-cycle.

Find out how to sleep less but feel more awake by timing your alarm with your circadian rhythms.


Drink waaaaaay more water


Feeling crabby? Unfocused? You’re not having a bad day; you’re just dehydrated.

Even slight dehydration makes the body function less efficiently and causes fatigue and poor concentration. You think you’re drinking enough, but you’re definitely not:

Read how dehydration is killing your performance at the office and the gym.

Drink coffee at the right time

Did you know your body has a natural morning “buzz”? You probably don’t feel it because you’re effing it up with coffee.

Get in touch with your “Cortisol Awakening Response” and drink coffee at the optimum time of the day.

Get a better fitness app

Stop wandering around the weight machines or fiddling with treadmill settings. Generate a 10-minute workout on the go, a 35-minute routine for your home, or a 60-minute sesh for the gym – all on your smartphone.

These apps help you optimize your gym time to save time and energy.


Set smaller goals

Stop making New Year’s resolutions.

Most people use these resolutions as a list of dreams, not actual goals. The missing ingredients? Smaller steps. And action! The key is to take your goal and make it a habit. Eventually, by maintaining the habit for a period of time, you actually become the type of person who does that habit.

Read here about creating micro-goals.

Eat more fat


Much of your cognitive processing happens across neurotransmitters that use fatty acid chains for messaging. Without proper saturated fat content in your diet, your brain and nervous system don’t have the raw materials needed to function.

Here’s the lowdown on why you should eat saturated fat.

Lift bigger weights

jen_sinkler_cardio.jpgA funny thing tends to happen when you build physical strength: Your expanded capacity carries over into every facet of your life, and you discover you’re willing to take more chances and shoulder more responsibility outside the gym. In fact, you want to. You can’t help yourself.

Jen Sinkler

This one goes out to all the ladies. Everything you know about weight lifting is wrong.

Lifting heavy weights will not make you bulky, but instead it raises metabolism, torches fat, and keeps calories burning long after you’re done working out. If you’re lifting two-pound dumbbells, you’re simply wasting your time.

Get on down to pumptown and release your inner badass.

BOOM! You’ve got all the tools to focus better, sleep smarter, and work out less. Now you’ll have more energy (and time!) to do the things you love.

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