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The Wellness Report - Health and Fitness News July 2019

Discover the Top Health and Fitness News from July 2019

The Wellness Report breaks down the top monthly news in the world of health and fitness. Read on to learn about the biggest health and fitness studies and stories from July 2019! Also, check out the top stories from June 2019 here.

Wellness Report - Health and Fitness News July 2019 - Coffee for Brown Fat

Caffeine Exposure Induces Browning Features in Adipose Tissue

Drinking coffee may help stimulate the body’s brown fat (fat burning cells), according to a recent study. Brown fat is different from white fat in that it produces heat by burning calories rather than storing them as fat. Scientists have not yet figured out why coffee stimulates brown fat cells or what component of coffee causes this effect. The study used a thermal imaging technique to trace the brown fat and help assess its capacity to produce heat. The study concluded that caffeine can promote brown fat stimulation after a low dose of caffeine (about one cup of coffee).

Our Take:

It’s interesting to note that adults can have brown fat, since it was once thought to only be found in babies and hibernating mammals. However, because this is still a small sample size we wouldn’t recommend chugging coffee to increase your brown fat cells. Like anything else with health, balance is key and there is no magic pill.

Wellness Report - Health and Fitness News July 2019 - Nature Walks

Two Hours a Week is Key Dose of Nature for Health and Wellbeing

A recent study found that people who spend a minimum of 120 minutes in nature each week are much more likely to report good health and psychological wellbeing. Interestingly, they found it didn’t matter if the 120 minutes was experienced all at once or over a week. As long as participants spent at least 120 minutes in nature, the study saw an increase in overall wellbeing. The article notes that there may be a variety of reasons that spending time in nature increased people’s health and wellbeing. It also mentioned the benefits could be attributed in part to gaining perspective, reducing stress or quality time with friends and family.

Our Take:

Whether you’re going for a quick walk or hiking trails with friends, try to explore the great outdoors more! After all, one hundred twenty minutes is only 2 hours of your week, and with our busy lives and tech-driven lifestyles, it’s even more important to find time to get outside!

Wellness Report - Health and Fitness News July 2019 - Exercise for Weight Loss

Increasing Exercise Doesn’t Guarantee Weight Loss

According to a recent study, people who exercise to lose weight may negate their efforts due to unhealthy eating habits they pick up to compensate. The study tracked how much participants ate and moved after starting a regular exercise routine. It found that the majority of participants offset any negative energy balance from exercise by consuming additional calories. Most participants failed to lose weight or gained some. Even though the extra calories added up to less than 150 extra calories per day, the study found that was sufficient enough to undercut their weight loss efforts.

Our Take:

How you fuel your body is vital, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. So, make sure you’re nourishing your body with quality food! It’s also important to note that the weight gain may have been due to the food choices as opposed to the extra calories. That said, any effort to exercise more regularly or at a higher intensity should still be complemented by an increase in your daily caloric intake, even for those trying to lose weight. Consuming too few calories could impose stress on the body and cause weight gain. So, it’s important to strike a balance.

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