The Wellness Report: January’s Top Health & Wellness News

Health & Wellness News January 2020

Discover the Top Health and Wellness News from January 2020

The Wellness Report breaks down the top health and wellness news of the month! Read on to learn about the top stories from January 2020! Also, for expert analysis, read “our take” after each section for an expert-guided breakdown of each topic.

Health & Wellness News - Eating Healthy Saves Money

Financial Benefits of Healthy Eating Habits

Improving your eating habits can potentially save you money in the long run, according to a recent study. The study highlighted how being mindful of your food choices can help prevent various costly health concerns down the road. The study predicts that one year of healthy eating could save the United States over $50 billion in health care costs. These costs are associated with heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and other related conditions.

Our Take:

It’s well-established that maintaining healthy habits can help prevent health issues. While the study’s estimated savings are eye-opening, it’s tough to know exactly how much money would be saved. But even if that number is overstated, the study’s findings effectively show that a healthy diet can save you money.

Health & Wellness News

Cardio May Help Improve Brain Functioning

A recent study published by Mayo Clinic suggests that cardiovascular health improvements can improve cognitive functioning and delay dementia. The study found that participants who improved their cardiovascular health gained an average of 2.2 dementia-free years of life. Also, participants underwent an MRI that showed a positive correlation between their cardiorespiratory health and their brain’s grey matter, which plays a critical role in speech, self-control, memory and decision making.

Our Take:

From weight loss to improved lung capacity, cardiovascular exercise has long been acclaimed for its numerous health benefits. But this study goes further, suggesting that consistent cardio may also help keep our brains healthy as we age. While more evidence is needed, these potential mental health benefits, combined with the long-established fitness benefits of cardio, suggest that regular cardio can have a positive impact on overall wellness for healthy individuals.

Health & Wellness News - Weight Lifting Prevents Prostate Cancer

Weight Training May May Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer by 25%

A recent study done by the National Cancer Institute found that weekly weightlifting reduced the risk of colon cancer by at least 25%. The research included over 215,122 adults and the reported benefits applied to both males and females. According to the findings, the results are likely due to the weight lifters’ increased amount of developed muscle, which can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Our Take:

While the cancer-preventing benefits of aerobic exercise have long been established, weight lifting has received less attention on the matter. While more research is needed to confirm these results, the size and credibility of the study gives weight to its findings. Either way, adults interested in living a long, healthy life should consider weight lifting for its many long-term health benefits.

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