The Wellness Report: This Month’s Top Health & Wellness News

The Wellness Report: Top Health & Wellness News November 2019

Discover the Top Health and Wellness News from November 2019

The Wellness Report breaks down the top health and wellness news of the month! Read on to learn about the top stories from November 2019! Also, for expert analysis, read “our take” after each section for an expert-guided breakdown of each topic.

Potatoes for Performance: Top Health & Wellness News November 2019

Potatoes May Provide Comparable Performance Boosting Benefits as Carbohydrate Gels for Endurance Athletes

A recent study found that potatoes may provide performance-boosting benefits comparable to carbohydrate gels for endurance athletes. The study, which included a group of well-trained cyclists, showed that when participants consumed approximately 60 grams of potato puree, they saw a significant boost in performance compared to the group that only consumed water. Those results were on par with the results from the group of cyclists that consumed similar amounts of carbohydrate gels – a common supplement used in endurance sports.

Our Take:

While this was a small study, potatoes have shown to be an excellent whole food source of fuel for endurance athletes. They’re also affordable! If you’re an endurance athlete looking for an alternate option to carbohydrate gels, give potato puree a try!

Healthy Diet Helps Depression: Top Health News November 2019

Healthy Diet May Improve Depression Symptoms in Young Adults

A recent study found that young adults experiencing depression showed fewer symptoms after eating a healthy diet for three weeks. During the study, participants ate five servings of vegetables, two to three servings of fruit, three servings of grains, three servings of protein, three servings of unsweetened dairy, three tablespoons of nuts and seeds and two tablespoons of olive oil. They found that simply decreasing the consumption of processed food and increasing servings of vegetables, fruits and fish improved their depressive symptoms.

Our Take:

This study provides additional evidence on the impact of the gut-brain connection. We know that regularly eating more fruits and vegetables has numerous health benefits, including increased satiety, blood sugar control and improved cholesterol levels. While more research needs to be done, making small improvements to your diet is a sure way to improve your overall health, in addition to these potential mental health benefits.

Holiday Parties: Top Health News November 2019

Social Interaction During the Holidays May Improve Overall Well-being

A recent New York Times article discussed the importance of socializing for overall health and well-being. For many people, the holidays can be a stressful time of year. However, the season for giving also offers ample opportunities to socialize and build stronger relationships. According to the article, those connections have shown to help improve overall health and longevity. It also mentions that social eating releases endorphins, which adds to the sense of bonding and well-being at holiday gatherings.

Our Take:

Even though you may be swamped with items on your to-do list, don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Take in the holiday cheer and catch up with friends, loved ones and coworkers. You’ll be happier (and potentially healthier) for it!

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