Why Men Should Do Yoga

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Guys, if you thought yoga was just for women in spandex, you’re completely wrong.

It’s for everybody. Hell, even the New York Giants are doing it!

Regular yoga practice is the perfect accompaniment to your weightlifting routine – and not only that, but it will give you faster recovery, improved focus, and better performance in bed. So…why aren’t you on the mat?

For every excuse we’ve got a rebuttal. Here’s why men should do yoga…

Why do yoga anyway?

Improves focus

The breath work and mindfulness of yoga trains the brain to be more focused and relaxed.

Helps quicken recovery + reduce muscle soreness

You know the mantra: “the most important day of your workout is your day off”? Incorporate yoga on your recovery day and you’ll ease muscle soreness and increase recovery time.

Improves range of motion

You’re weightlifting? Great, you’re getting stronger, but resistance training shortens your muscle fibers.

Without stretching them back out, you’re increasing your risk of chronic tendinitis, rotator cuff injuries, and osteoarthritis. Yoga increases your range of motion and flexibility, enabling you to lift heavier weights.

Relieves insomnia, anxiety, and eases depression

In this study, two groups spent the same amount of time walking vs. doing yoga. The yoga group had a significantly increased mood and lowered anxiety.

Targets lower back pain

‘Cause you know you have it.

Improves sexual function

Yoga makes you better in the sack, brah!

This study showed improved sexual function across the board – ranging from better stamina and confidence, to increased desire, erection, and ejaculatory control. #dayum

Pro athletes do it

More and more professional athletic teams are putting full-time yoga instructors on their payroll. Danny Poole, the yoga instructor for the Denver Broncos, had an injury-free year when he was on board.

The NY Giants have had yogi Gwen Lawrence on the payroll since 2004, which has been imperative to keeping star quarterback Eli Manning limber and injury-free.

It makes you a better man

Yoga cultivates compassion rather than competition.

Check out this awesome manifesto from the Boys of Yoga collective. They’ll break down all of your negative perceptions:

Common excuses

You don’t think yoga is for you? Allow these rebuttals to convince you otherwise:

It’s not a good workout

Jake-Panasevich“As a former collegiate wrestler, I can honestly say that some yoga classes are more challenging than any workout I’ve ever done. You will learn how to challenge yourself without being competitive. Competition will naturally result in injury. Most men come from a strong athletic or business-minded background, where competition is intrinsically fierce. Yoga teaches you to challenge yourself intelligently and completely without being overly aggressive.”
Jake Panasevich on Yoganonomous 

I’m not flexible

Chris-Freytag“That’s a lot like saying you don’t want to lift weights because you don’t have big muscles or you don’t exercise because you’re overweight. Even if the first few practices are a little challenging, lack of experience is no reason to avoid down dog-ing.”
Chris Freytag for Greatist

Too new agey/touchy-feely/feminine

Quentin-Vennie-Factor-75“I always viewed it as a cult-like association that made their members walk around barefoot, chanting weird phrases to elephant statues. I thought yogis were eccentric, pretentious and antisocial. I was totally wrong of course!”
Quentin Vennie on HuffPo

So How Do I Get Started?

So now what, right? Fear not, we got you covered.

For starters here’s a great video from Sean Vigue Fitness that walks you through 5 beginner poses.

Check out this killer infographic with some basic poses for strength training. Why not give them a try right now?


Need some inspiration? Here’s what works for the NY Giants:

Their favorite poses according to NY Giants yoga instructor Gwen Lawrence:

Eli Manning: Pigeon pose
Hakeem Nicks: Frog pose
Victor Cruz: Hero pose with toes tucked under
Ahmad Bradshaw: Plank pose with wrists turned
Antrel Rolle: Facedown Shoulder Opener


What are your favorite poses? Tell us in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Boys of Yoga; Infographic Brandon Hofer

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