Why Should I Take Vitamins and Supplements?

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We’ve already learned that there are a dizzying array of bottles on the supplement aisle.

So, remind me – why should I take vitamins? Are they really necessary?

The answer is simple: Yes.

You may think your balanced diet is answering all your nutritional needs…but here are factors you haven’t considered:


Why take ‘em?

We’re more stressednutrition deficiency caused by stress

Stress, deadlines, and worry burn valuable nutrients in your body. It’s essential to replace these lost nutrients in order to handle your over-worked daily life with endurance and calm.

We’re exposed to more pollution

Traffic fumes, cleaning products, tap water chemicals, pesticides, and beauty product toxins enter your body unknowingly every day. To help cleanse your body of these contaminants, your liver needs the proper nutrients to detoxify your body.

Our food has fewer nutrients

Today farmers have to exploit their plants and soil to turn a profit. Instead of allowing the earth to naturally replenish its nutrients, they use chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides. Animals also have less nutritional content (their diet consists of grains grown on nutrient-poor soil), and are fed potentially harmful antibiotics and hormones.

nutrient-poor soil

We don’t eat a balanced diet

With our fast-paced lives we don’t have the time to plan and prepare balanced meals. This study found 60 to 70 percent of Americans are consistently undernourished in vitamins D and E, and up to 45 percent of people had insufficient levels of calcium and magnesium. Try as we might, we can’t pack in all the nutrients our bodies crave.

Estimated Average Requirement

This study in the Journal of Nutrition compared the deficit of vitamins and minerals between individuals who didn’t take supplements (black graph bar) and those who did (grey bar).

The percent who did not achieve recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals where those relying solely on naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in food.

Average nutrition requirements

The study concluded:

“In evaluating total usual intake, most Americans met their recommended nutrient target for the majority of vitamins and minerals evaluated; however, far fewer individuals would have done so without fortification and enrichment.”

The take-away:

In today’s world, supplements are a necessity. They compensate for stress, pollutants, and deficiencies that drain our energy. A supplement will deliver the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your body needs to:

  • produce strong red and white blood cells (improving oxygen flow, immunity, muscle building)
  • fight free radicals (protecting against cancer, illness, aging)
  • repair muscle tissue (faster workout recovery)


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