This is Why You Quit Your Personal Trainer


You’ve been training with Hans for months, and you’ve still got tricep jiggle?

Before you give him the axe, consider one more factor: What’s on your plate?

Research has proven over and over that people get better results with a trainer. You know this. That’s why you hired one. And the proof is in the numbers: A study at Ball State University found people gained 47% more body strength than those who were self-guided:

“The only difference was that the more successful group had a personal trainer watching over their workouts.”

Researchers at the College of New Jersey saw women with trainers stopped underestimating themselves, pushed harder, and lifted significantly more weight.

But despite the research, a trainer isn’t a miracle worker. In fact, most of the results you see (or don’t see) aren’t related to your workout at all. Stop relying on just your personal trainer to lose weight. Results come from what you eat. Researchers recently found that although Americans are exercising more, they’re still not losing weight.

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Why? It all comes back to this: Nutrition. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association named poor diet as the number one cause for America’s bad health.

So before you go blaming Trainer Hans, take a look at your plate. Research has proven that 75 percent of your fitness results come from what you eat. It’s not about calorie counting, it’s about quality. If your body is running on office snack bar bagels, or last night’s Chinese take out, your effort on the Stairmaster will never compensate.

In order to see results, your body needs fuel from phytonutrient-packed fruit, vegetables, and proteins. Doesn’t that sound more appetizing than 100 crunches? Stop using personal trainers as a scapegoat for workout-busting habits.

It’s time to quit the snack bar, not your trainer.

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