Women’s National Health and Fitness Day


Ladies, today is your day. In addition to birthdays, Mother’s Day, and the anniversary of Gregory Goodwin Pincus – we’ve got another date to add to the calendar.

It’s Women’s National Health and Fitness Day. And this year the nation dedicated not only September 25, but a whole week, to promoting women’s wellness.

Today’s 12th annual celebration will see an estimated 100,000 women of all ages participating in local health and fitness events at more than 1,000 community locations across the country. Not only important on an individual level, empowering women to take control of their wellness contributes to the overall health of children, families, government, and the entire economy.

Think we’re exaggerating? Studies show that women’s health education directly affects birth rate, family income, and the national GDP. That 30 minutes on the treadmill really does pay off.

Women often find themselves in care-giving roles: prioritizing their children or families’ health over their own. Director of the United States’ Health and Human Services Department, Kathleen Sibelius, laments,

“Women are frequently the health care decision-makers in their families. We take time off from work to drive a parent to the doctor. We hold our children’s hands while they get their vaccinations. We make the appointments for our spouses’ checkups […] We stretch and re-work our family budgets to pay the doctor’s bills. And too often, we put our own health last.”

This is exactly the behavior to avoid. When women don’t prioritize their own fitness and nutrition, they’re sapping energy reserved for their other superwoman duties. In order to maintain our multitasking lifestyles, we must first nourish and strengthen ourselves.

So in honor of Women’s Health Day, take a moment to reassess your health priorities. And tell us: how do you make time for health?

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